Call for Papers – SBESC

VII Brazilian Symposium on Computing Systems Engineering November 07-10, 2017 Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil SBESC  The Brazilian Symposium on Computing Systems Engineering (SBESC) is an initiative of the research community originally associated with three events, the Operating Systems Workshop (WSO), the Embedded Systems Workshop (WSE), and the Real-Time Systems Workshop (WTR), that got together having identified a[…]


The 8th Workshop of Robotics in Education (WRE 2017)

  Official WRE website – Robotics motivates and inspires people of all ages and education levels. Thus, many researchers have already shown that students get more interested and excited to learn several topics when robotics is involved in the learning process. As a result, the use of robotics on education has been gaining great interest[…]

SBESC 2017

SITE OFICIAL: Modern computing systems are becoming increasingly diversified. Nowadays we hear about Systems of Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, Ubiquitous Systems and so on. Many of these systems are embedded, many are subject to real-time constraints and most of them run an operating system. In this context, the term Computing Systems Engineering involves techniques related[…]