How to Get to Robotica

Rio Grande
The city of Rio Grande is located in the extreme south of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, between Lagoa Mirim, Laguna dos Patos and the Atlantic Ocean. Its terrestrial connection happens with the city of Pelotas, distant 75,3km and 220km of the city of Santa Vitória / Chuy. Rio Grande is far from the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, 334.1km

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How to get to Rio Grande

From Porto Alegre, it is possible to fly by plane to Pelotas or by direct bus to Rio Grande.

By bus

With an hourly departure, from Monday to Friday, from the bus station in Porto Alegre, Planalto and D.A.T.C. carry the passengers from Porto Alegre to Rio Grande. Check the times and buy your ticket on the website:  < >. DUE TO THE HIGH DEMAND DURING THE EVENT, please do your booking in the websites below:

D.A.T.C –

Planalto –

For the return from Rio Grande to Porto Alegre, information about bus schedules can be obtained at: <>.


By airplane

Currently, the airline Azul offers daily direct flights from Porto Alegre to Pelotas at the following times:

Porto Alegre – Pelotas

AD-2828 Azul 11:30 Pelotas monday to saturday

Pelotas – Porto Alegre

AD-2485 Azul 13:10 Porto Alegre monday to friday

Obs.: The schedule may vary according to the period. Check the website: <>

During the event, a transfer will be made available to interested participants from Pelotas airport to Rio Grande. The specific request form and times will be posted shortly.


By Car

At Porto Alegre Airport, the car rental service is available for interested groups, for those who like to drive and want to have a car available.


Distance between Porto Alegre and Rio Grande – 4h33min (334,1 km), via BR-116


Distance between Pelotas and Rio Grande – 40min (59,5 km), via BR-392/BR-471 and BR-471