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About the city of Curitiba


Curitiba is a low cost living city compared to other capitals of the country, but it has adequate infrastructure for an event of such magnitude, such as: airport, bus terminal and a bus network that integrates the city. The city tourism potential offers great opportunities of touristic activities, which ones will be analyzed by the organization team.

It`s people, has an admirable way that brought foreign people from around the globe and Brazilian from all the country, teaches day by day the art of coexistence. Curitiba reborn every day with the hope and the work on it`s veins such as the workers dawn.

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FIEP / PR (Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná).



The event will be held at the FIEP/PR (Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná) event space. This space, located geographically between the campuses of UFPR – Campus Centro Politécnico, PUC/PR(Pontifical University of Parana) and UTFPR – Campus Centro, has auditoriums, work presentation rooms and the Horácio Coimbra Exhibition Center, a space of 4075 m², separated in Two floors, with a height superior than 4.5 meters, where all the competitions of both the LARC/CBR and OBR, will be realized. The FIEP Event Center also has auditoriums, coffe-break spaces and all facilities to host all the co-located events: LARS, SBESC, WRE, and MNR.

Situated in an area of more than 80,000 m², the FIEP Events Center offers a complete and integrated structure in environments with international quality standards. This diversification allows the realization of events of different sizes and characteristics, such as: symposia, congresses, business exchanges, work meetings, graduations, exhibitions and fairs.

The structure that your event deserves:

  • Executive area with 7 rooms to reunions;
  • Exposition Center to fairs with 4.075m2, on two floors;
  • Atriums with capacity for up to 1,500 people, allowing cultural events, cocktails, dinners, among others;
  • Two modern auditorium with last generation audiovisual equipment;
  • Council room, an ideal space for business exchange, meetings of large corporations and authorities;
  • VIP rooms, for small groups, executive reunion, people reception, on elegant and privacy environments.103372.img

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Av. Comendador Franco, 1341 – Jardim Botânico

At 4.2 km ( 7 minutes) from UTFPR (Federal University of Technology – Paraná), the only Technological University of Brazil, an university that offers several courses, mainly in engineering.

2.3 km (7 minutes) from the Politechnical Center of UFPR (Federal University of Paraná), the most important public university in Paraná.

2.4 km (8 minutes) from the Pontifical University of Paraná(PUC/PR), one of the most prestigious private universities in Curitiba.

To 16.0 km (25 minutes) from Afonso Pena International Airport, With capacity to serve three million and five hundred thousand passengers per year, which makes it the eighth in passenger movement in Brazil.

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