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Registration in one of the Symposiums (LARS / SBR, WRE or WTDR / CTDR):

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We remind all authors that the deadline for camera-ready and the 1st period of Registration is September 30th, 2018!
To submit the camera-ready version of your paper (for both LARS and WRE), authors must do it through the IEEE CPD link (papers only in English):


Registration dates

1st Period of Registration: until the 1st of October, 2018
2nd Period of Registration: until October 15th, 2018
3rd Period of Registration and On-Site: until October 29th, 2018

Registration Phase SBC/IEEE Member: Yes SBC/IEEE Member: No (Symposiums Registration+ Association SBC)** SBC/IEEE Member: No (ONLY Symposiums Registration)
Student Undergraduate
1st Period R$250,00 R$270,00 R$295,00
2nd Period R$385,00 R$405,00 R$444,00
3rd Period and On-Site R$495,00 R$515,00 R$565,00
Student Postgraduate
1st Period R$250,00 R$330,00 R$355,00
2nd Period R$385,00 R$465,00 R$504,00
3rd Period and On-Site R$495,00 R$575,00 R$625,00
Professional (Full Registration)
1st Period R$550,00 R$760,00 R$815,00
2nd Period R$700,00 R$910,00 R$980,00
3rd Period and On-Site R$800,00 R$1.010,00 R$1.090,00
High School Teacher
1st Period R$150,00 R$150,00 R$150,00
2nd Period R$250,00 R$250,00 R$250,00
3rd Period and On-Site R$350,00 R$350,00 R$350,00

All registration categories include access to all the events in Robotica 2018 and welcome reception.
The conference dinner and the mini-course are paid apart.
Conference dinner accompanying adhesion can be purchased on the conference site.
For each accepted paper at least one author should register at FULL REGISTRATION by the camera-ready deadline.
Without registering, your paper will not appear in the proceedings.
Each full registration will be considered for up to two (2) papers.


Cancelation Policy:

Cancelation will be available until October 31, 2018, with a refund of 50% of the amount paid for enrollment in Robotics 2018 and its subevents. After this date, there will be no refund of any amount paid. The policy applies to both the cancellation of enrollment and the cancellation of any additional activity. To request cancellation, send an e-mail to