The Event

Robotica is the union among the most respected competitions and the most important scientific congresses in the fields of robotics and A.I (Artificial Intelligence) in Latin America. Every year Robotica takes place in Latin American Country. Robotica is a Latin-American event that brings together several sub-events that aim to encourage research and development in the area of Robotics.

Robotica is promoted by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), IEEE and by RobCup Brasil (Brazilian arm of RobCup Federation).

In 2023, Robotica will include the following sub-events: 1. Finals of XVIII OBR – Brazilian Robotics Olympiad; 2. XXI CBR – Brazilian Robotics Competition); 3. XIII MNR – National Robotics Show; 4. XVI WRE – Workshop on Robotics in Education; 5. XX LARS – Latin America Robotics Symposium (Latin American Robotics Symposium); XXI ILARC – Latin American Robotics Competition (Latin American Robotics Competition).

These events will all take place in parallel. Robotica is an event that lasts 5 days and has an estimated participation of 2,000 participants from all over Latin America, from elementary students to researchers. Even though it is a Latin American event, every year Robotics receives researchers and teams from countries in Europe and Asia. It is a singular event with a great capacity of entertainment to the more than 20,000 expected visitors, in addition to enormous spontaneous generated media.

Competitions Major and Junior

Robocup Open / CBR – Robotics Competition Sorts Brazilian teams in each league who will represent Brazil in the World. (General Chair:  André Ferreira (andrefer@ele.ufes.br) Vice-Chair: Danilo Perico (danilo.perico@gmail.com)

OBR – Robotics Olympiad. Sorts teams in each league who will represent Brazil in the World. (Local Chair– General Chair: Profa. Dra. Cintia Kimie Aihara Nicoletti (COTUCA – UNICAMP) )

MNR – The National Robotics Show (MNR – Mostra Nacional de Robótica) is the largest Scientific Show of Robotics in the country with the objective of exposing and disseminating works in the area of Robotics. (Local Chair– General Chair: Esther Luna Colombini (UNICAMP)/ email: esther@ic.unicamp.br)